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Server performance:
Server Performance Monitoring is a server and databases to help IT managers and administrators identify performance problems in critical business processes. It provides integrated views into application, server - database availability and performance.
It mainly monitors and generates report on System Processes, Monitors memory and CPU Utilization of all the processes.
Sever performance provides stats such as server CPU utilization, server memory, disk utilization, and server response time.
Graphs and reports are available instantly while reports can be grouped and displayed based on availability, health, and connection time.
» The server ends the deadlock by automatically choosing one and aborting the other processes.
» The process is also for estimating a web server’s performance in order to find whether it can serve for high workload.
best project center in chennai
Block Diagram :
best project center in chennai

Reduce TCO

  • The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing the efficiency of server resources and operational changes.

Improve availability

  • One beneficial feature of virtualized servers not available in physical server environments is live migration.

Reduce number of servers

  • The characteristics of server virtualization enable simple and safe server consolidation.

Improve the business continuity

  • Encapsulation and hardware-independence features enhance availability and business continuity.

Increase efficiency

  • Servers are shared by teams, reconfiguring development and test environments can be time and labor consuming.

Increase test environment

  • Test environments can be encapsulated and saved, reconfiguration is extremely simple.

Improve availability

  • NEC provides Express Cluster and other products for improving the availability of virtual servers.

Improve virtual environment

  • The impact of a failure in a physical server can increase after virtualizing and consolidating servers.
Real Time Examples:

The examples are the applications that are used by the administrator to get the status and statistics of the current server performances.

  • LAN connections in colleges, offices.
  • Corporate server analysis applications.
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