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Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial intelligence (AI) is technology and a branch of computer science that studies and develops intelligent machines and software. It is often defined as "the study and design of intelligent agents", where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.
Intelligence is the ability to think, to imagine, creating, memorizing, and understanding, recognizing patterns, making choices, adapting to change and learn from experience.
Artificial intelligence is a human endeavour to create a non-organic machine-based entity that has all the above abilities of natural organic intelligence.
It’s also the search for a way to map intelligence into mechanical hardware and enable a structure into that system to formalize thought.
» It’s the ultimate challenge for an intelligence, to create an equal, another intelligent being.
» It is the ultimate form of art, where the artist's creation, not only inherits the impressions of his thoughts, but also his ability to think!
» Deals with "right thinking" and dives into the field of logic. Uses logic to represent the world and relationships between objects in it and come to conclusions about it.
» Turing defined as intelligent behaviour as the ability to achieve human-level performance in all cognitive tasks, sufficient to fool a human person.
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» Artificial Intelligence is classified further into three major parts
  • Symbolic AI
  • Connectionist AI
  • Evolutionary AI
Symbolic AI
» AI which have “knowledge” explicitly written into the AI’s coding.
» Uses symbols, aka variables, to perform its work.
  • Working with logical problems.
  • Working with imperfect data.
Connectionist AI
» Designed to be a network of connected simulated neurons.
» “Taught” by a series of adjustments.
» Similar to a natural mind.
  • Working with imperfect data.
  • Working with logical problems.
Evolutionary AI
» Designed to be able to modify themselves.
» The AI will constantly try to improve its efficiency by testing a modified version against an unmodified version.
» Whichever has the best efficiency is the one that is used from then on.
Real Time Examples
  • Gaming
  • Speech Recognition
  • Automatic Driving Bot
2013 ieee final year projects  
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