best project center in chennai
best project center in chennai


I hereby thank UNIQ technologies for the best support they have given me throughout my final year project. It was an wonderful experience doing my final year project with UNIQ technologies. As my project was based on Cloud Computing, I had no idea much about the field. Being an emerging technique, there wasn’t much support given by many of the project centers and I was totally in stress thinking about my project. But at UNIQ technologies, it was a nice learning curve throughout my project. They had given me all the materials for understanding the concepts well. All my doubts were answered with patience!!!And being from a non computer since background, I was not aware of the Java technology. But I was given adequate training in coding and the concepts in JAVA. And it was a motivational support from you guys!!!Always you encouraged us to come up with enhancements in our project!!! Thank u all!!
  SRM Easwari
I take this wonderful opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for making my final year project a great success!!I did my project on Data Mining. As it is a vast topic, I was in a dilemma to choose my project topic from the domain. Staff at UNIQ technologies helped me from the scratch..From scrutinizing my project topic..till my final demo of the project..I was overwhelmed by the response they gave me..They helped me through all my reviews at college. I got hands on experience from them which is not provided from many of the other centers!!We were conducted class on learning the concepts related to JAVA which was not provided at other project centers!All thanks to UNIQ technologies! Continue ur superb work!!
I take immense pleasure in thanking UNIQ technologies for helping me in my final year project. I joined hands with them in the final stages of my project as I didn’t have much interest in joining project centers for my final year project. I realized what a fool I was of not joining them earlier! I regret my decision of joining late! I should have got help from them in the beginning stages of my project itself. But even in the last stages of my project, the support and the involvement I got from them was splendid!!Thanks to you guys for making my project turn out well in the end! I was spellbound by the involvement I got from you guys! The way you people patiently cleared my doubts was awesome! Hats off to you guys!!!
  Rajalakshmi Engineering College
I had an wonderful experience throughout my final year project on networks with UNIQ technologies. The way my final year project was carved was awesome! I had no idea in what domain I should do my Project. They interacted with me and they made me realize my area of interest by asking several questions about my liking towards various subjects! hats how I chose my topic as NETWORKS!!!I was filled with awe and excitement about my project since then. The staffs at UNIQ technologies realize your needs and they carve our project accordingly. Thanks for all the support and the patience in which they bare the doubts we come up with! And especially, the knowledge guide we are provided with cannot be compared with any other project centers! They not only provide us with inputs to our project, they make us understand the concepts and theories related to them. It helped us all in our viva sessions in College! Thanks to all!
  Sai Ram Engineering College
I happily thank UNIQ technologies for the wonderful support they gave me in my final year project! I had gone to them with the idea of a project in Image Processing. They have an systematic way of approaching to the project. We are provided with various topics in our area of interest and all the topics are briefly explained. We are given the opportunity to choose among them! From then, they guide us through every step of our project. I am very much thankful to them for all the reference materials provided for the project to make us understand our project better! The patience and the friendly nature we are dealt with is the highlight of UNIQ technologies! They ease our pressure. The guidance, support and the hands on experience given by them made my final year project a great success! Thanks UNIQ technologies!!!!
I come from Computer science department. I completed my project on neural networks in .net technology! I am very much thankful to UNIQ technologies for the splendid support given by them. They helped me throughout my final year project. Coming from a Computer Science background, expectations were high from me.UNIQ technologies crossed all my expectations. I was overwhelmed by the guidance and the support given by them! The materials and the reference stuff given by them regarding each and every topic was very useful! A special mention about the real time examples which were provided by them. This should their involvement towards making us understand the concepts! Hats off to the effort put by them for making each and every one of our project a great success!
I am very much thankful to UNIQ technologies for making my project turn out really well. The pain and the effort taken by them to make us shape our project was shown in the final output of our project!  We were provided with hands on experience on the topic which is rare. Practical examples related to our project were explained. Thanks for the overwhelming response from you guys! Coming from a non computer science background, it was a difficult task for us to understand .net technology! But the way you guys taught us the concepts of .net made it a cake walk! By far, this is the best institution I have come across!!
I am very proud to be a part of UNIQ technologies! I am very proud that I got a wonderful opportunity to work with UNIQ technologies in my final year project!!It was the best experience!!The support and the guidance given by them cannot be matched with any other project centers!!The reference material given by them is very much useful! We were dealt with friendly nature even at the time of stress and pressure. The hands on experience given by them were very useful! They made us understand various other concepts other than our project topic. It would help us all through our life! It was not like a business relationship, it was more like a learning curve!!!!
I am very much thankful to UNIQ technologies for making my final year project a great success!!I did a project in signal processing using .net technology! I was provided with much technical guidance on the same. Before even starting the project, we were made understood about the domain clearly so that it would be helpful in doing the project. All our ideas regarding the project were welcomed. We were also provided with various improvements on the same! The best part of everything was the real time examples given by them which made us understand the concepts well!!!All the projects were aimed at improvement and I am looking forward to do my PG project with UNIQ technologies as well!!!!
  Valliammai College of Engineering
I take this opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for guiding throughout my final year project!!!! IT helped a lot!!!They guided us through from the scratch to the toe end of the project! Thanks to you guys for making our demo come out well!!!I did my project in distributed networking. I was up with lots of questions and doubts in the beginning. Staff at UNIQ technologies cleared all of them with patience!!I have not come across with any other center that makes our project feel as their own and work with all the dedication and effort! My sincere thanks to you guys!!!Keep up the good work!!!! And last but not the least to mention, the real time examples provide by them made us understand the concepts in depth. We were also given much guidance in .net technology as it was new to us!!
  VEl Tech
I recently completed a project in surveillance using Android technology. I was very much worried about my project in the beginning as I was doing with Android technology which was very new to me. My friends suggested me various centers but in the end I found the best one..UNIQ technologies! All thanks to UNIQ technologies for making my project turn out how I expected. All bthe support and the guidance given by them was helpful!!!!! They made us understand various concepts regarding android phones and helped us experiment with various ideas. It was a nice learning experience. They quenched our thirst of knowing more about android technologies!!!My sincere thanks to each and every one who helped me!!!!My wishes to continue your good work !!!
  Shastra University
I completed my final year project in Image processing in android technology with the help of UNIQ technologies!!!I hereby take this opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for all the effort by them !!!!I had the best time doing my project at UNIQ technologies!!! It was a nice learning curve for me and my friends. We were provided with the best of the staff and the best resources to proceed our project!!! We wre given hands on experience on the project which is very rare now a days!!!It was a thrilling experience for us and the staff at UNIQ technology to work with android technology!!!!!Thanks to all for the friendly support given!!!!!
I take this opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for the best guidance and support throughout my final year project. I was very much worried about how my project will turn out in Oracle technology!!!With all the support from UNIQ technologies, I made it through!!!!WE were given proper training in Oracle concepts first and then we started with our project. From the roots of the project, UNIQ technologies helped us through!!!It was a nice learning experience for all of us!!!Not only we were guided in the technical concepts of our project, we were given guidance on how to present our project as well so that our idea could reach all .It was aimed at improvement in every step and always their thinking was to make enhancements in the project!!!It motivated us to do more!!!
I take this opportunity to thank UNIQ technologies for the support and guidance throughout my final year project! I completed my project in PHP technology!!!I had no idea about PHP in the beginning..UNIQ technologies made me understand the concepts in PHP.We were given with mini projects to start up with to make us ease through the concepts of PHP.It helped us a lot!!All our doubts were answered patiently. We were given hands on experience on various concepts which is not provide by all now a days!!!I was spellbound by the friendly nature by which we were dealt with. Each and every doubt of ours were clarified with intense care!!!Thank you guys for everything!!!
  Vellamal Engineering College
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